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Ехеrcise 5.Agree or disagree (метод-реплікові вправи)

Повна відповідь -заперечна або стверджувальна.

1.Handouts are any documents or samples that you distribute in the street

2.Only audience can use marker to write something

3. The notebook computer is used to display graphics during presentations.

4.Screen is the whiteboard that is used for writing

5. Overhead projector can be used in daylight

6. The flipchart consists of several leaves of paper that you can not turn over.


'Delivery' refers to the way in which you actually deliver or perform or give your presentation. Delivery is a vital aspect of all presentations.

Парфенов О . Власна презентація.(Power Point)

Hello! I’m Parfenov Oleksandr, usual Ukrainian boy____years old.I’m a student of technological college and very proud of it,because food is of great importance for each man. I like to prepare of tasteful meals, especially, bakery. But as a real man I get a big pleasure from processing meat- from shashlykу to usual cutlets.Every technologist of food preparing must know quality of products and the variety of diets.That’s why being at college I try to study perfectly every technological subject .I shall try to be useful not only for people, but for my family too. I can not refuse also possibility to be chief-cooker or a restaurant businessman.But first of all I must have a high level of qualification.

Let’s analyze:

Evaluation from J.Beglieri


Most speakers are a little nervous at the beginning of a presentation. So it is normal if you are nervous. You should perhaps learn your introduction by heart. After a few moments, you will relax and gain confidence.

Audience Rapport

You need to build a warm and friendly relationship with your audience.. Each person should feel that you are speaking directly to him or her.

Body Language

What you do not say is at least as important as what you do say. Your body is speaking to your audience even before you open your mouth.

Voice quality

It is, of course, important that your audience be able to hear you clearly throughout your presentation. You have to pay attention to

  • speed:

  • intonation:

  • volume:

Audience Reaction

Remain calm and polite if you receive difficult or even hostile questions during your presentation.


Simplicity and Clarity

If you want your audience to understand your message, your language must be simple and clear.

Use short words and short sentences.

Do not use jargon, unless you are certain that your audience understands it.

Ехеrcise 6. Transform sentences into short and correct form

Трансформувати довгі фрази в короткі.

  1. At the election ministers rejected conservative proposals to extend a ban on junk food to vending machines, so this is a positive step

  2. All these departments have been multi-sectorial and have included the wine, gourmet food, and agricultural products

  3. . The nearest shops and pubs, both of which serve food, are in these villages

  4. Food allergy was reported to contribute to high blood pressure in a study of people who had migraine headaches.

  5. I like fabulous food but have lack the time and skill to prepare restaurant quality food at home

The Presentation

1/Presentation of canning process

Kind:Power Point

Destination: scientific



2) E-menu-future of restaurant technology



Destination: marketing


3/Food art (метод проектів)


Destination: marketing, educational

Виступ студенток Чернобай О., Рибак І.

Ladies & gentlemen !To start with our presentation we must remember such progressive kind of preparing food as food-art. Now we want to propose you video and shall comment it .


Creating beautiful models(animal, Bird, Statue, Face etc) with food is called food art and this is fast growing art in United Kingdom and other countries. Hope this will spread rapidly in other countries also and so many people have interest in this profession.We humans cannot separate food from the lifestyles we have; that’s why we study the various cuisines that we have all around the world.

For me food is my passion.I and my family like having friends over every weekend and food becomes a part of the routine.That’s why we tried to find the way of decoration food

Тurning now to some food art: Even simple food can be used.For food art cooker can use cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins other vegetables and fruits. At this video you saw the process of preparing fruit’s and chocolate compositions. For example ,students of our group have prepared beautiful fruit’s composition. In conclusion, let’s taste it and evaluate this kind of our professional art.

Вручення фруктової композиції присутнім на занятті.

Questions to speakers from audience

Evaluation from J.Beglieri

IV.Підведення підсумків заняття.Закріплення знань.(10хв)

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