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Вивчення лексики та активізація її вживання

Presentations Vocabulary

audience rapport

Слухання доповіді

body language

Мова рухів

Finally . . .


flip chart

Відкидний плакат

For example . . .

Для прикладу


Роздатковий матеріал

In conclusion . . .

На завершення

ladies & gentlemen

Леді і джентльмени





overhead projector




To start with . . .

Починаючи з..

Turning now to . . .

Давайте перейдемо до ....

visual aids

Наочні посібники










Місце проведення

Rewrite to your vocabularies and carefully divide speech formulas and new words. Your task is to use speech formulas in your own presentation.

Розділити вирази і слова. Потім використати ці вирази в презентації

Ехеrcise 1. Finish the statements

(метод-виконання композиційних вправ)

Композиційні вправи- закінчити речення.

The most important for everybody is to reach -----------------the objective

Typical word used to signal the last of subjects is sounded --------In conclusion

Something what is given to people at a presentation is called-----handout

Typical phrase used to signal the final part of a presentation is written ------Finally

Electrical instrument for amplification of the voice is named ----- microphone

Large, flat, reflective white surface on which films, slides etc are projected is known as --- screen

Large conference hall can be --------a venue

Ехеrcise 2.Read and translate the text

Читання і переклад тексту Як приготувати презентацію

How to Prepare a Presentation

1.There are such kinds of presentation: paper, and electronic,oral and printed. 2. Electronic presentation can be divided into: static, animated, multimedia, video,3D 3.Depending of destination presentation can be: marketing, educational and scientific.4.Successful communication is an important skill in the business and academic world. 5.These easy steps are an introductory guide to use when preparing a talk
6- Have a strong opening sentence to capture your audience.
7- Hand out at least one piece of paper. Your audience will have an easier time listening to you, and it can make you less nervous since it's a good starting point.
8-. Respect your audience.
- Use humor, it helps.
9- Eye contact is very important
- Speak to the audience, do not read.
10- Speak slowly and leave gaps for questions
11.There are very few people with a natural talent for delivering outstanding presentations. 12. Рublic speaking in the scientific and academic spheres are difficult. 13.So a good presentation is often unforgettable.

Ехеrcise 3.Put different types of questions.


All presentations have a common objective. People give presentations because they want to communicate in order to:

  • inform

  • train

  • sell

A successful presentation is one of the most effective ways of communicating your message. And because English is so widely used in international business, a working knowledge of the vocabulary and techniques used in an English language presentation is a valuable asset.


Дж. Беглієрі

Can you name the 3 most important things when giving any presentation?

Number 1 is . . . Preparation

Number 2 is . . . Preparation!

Number 3 is . . . Preparation!!

Preparation is everything!

With good preparation and planning you will be totally confident and less nervous. And your audience will feel your confidence. Your audience, too, will be confident. They will be confident in you. And this will give you control. Control of your audience and of your presentation. With control, you will be 'in charge' and your audience will listen positively to your message.

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