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  • Development of International Joint Degrees and Double Degrees – Recommendation of the Ministry of Education [Electronic resource]. – Helsinki : Ministry of Education, 2004. – Mode of access: .

    Приклади оформлення літератури в англомовній статті (ISO 690:2010)

    1. Book
    1.1. Book (in English)


    Author. (Year of publication). Book title. Place of publication: Publisher.


    Petty, G. (2004). Teaching Today, 3rd edition. UK: Nelson Thornes Ltd.

    1.2. Book (in German)


    Author. (Year of publication). Book title [Translation in English]. Place of publication: Publisher (in German).


    Mollenhauer, K. (2003). Vergessene Zusammenhänge. Über Kultur und Erziehung [Forgotten Backgrounds. About Culture and Upbringing]. Weinheim und München: Juventa Verlag (in German).

    1.3. Book (in Latvian)


    Author. (Year of publication). Book title [Translation in English]. Place of publication: Publisher (in Latvian).


    Pētersons, E. (1931). Vispārīgā didaktika [General Didactics]. Rīga: A. Gulbja izdevniecība (in Latvian).

    1.4. Book (in Russian)


    Author. (Year of publication). Book title [Translation in English]. Place of publication: Publisher (in Russian).


    Крайг, Г. (2000). Психология развития [Psychology of Development]. Санкт-Петербург: Питер (in Russian).

    1.5. Book (two or more authors)


    Author1, Author2, & Author3. (Year of publication). Book title. Place of publication: Publisher.


    Gough, D. A., Kiwan, D., & Sutcliffe, K. (2003). A Systematic Map and Synthesis Review of the Effectiveness of Personal Development Planning for Improving Student Learning. London: EPPI-Centre, Social Science Research Unit.

    1.6. Book chapter or article in an edited book


    Author(s) of chapter. (Year of publication). Chapter title. In: Editors of the book (Eds.), Book title. Placeof publication: Publisher, Chapter page range.


    Moir, J. (2009). Personal Development Planning in Higher Education: Localised Thinking for aGlobalised World. In: Resende, J. M. & Vieira, M. M. (Eds.) The Crisis of Schooling? Learning, Knowledge and Competencies in Modern Societies. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Press, p. 25–48.

    Kieseritzky, H., Schwabe, M. (2005). Gruppenimprovisation als musikalische Basisarbeit [Group Improvisation as Musical Base Work]. In: Kraemer, R.-D., Rudiger, W. (Hrsg.) Ensemblespiel und Klassenmusizieren in Schule und Musikschule: ein Handbuch für die Praxis [Playing Music in a Group and Class at School and Music School: Handbook for Practice], 2. unveränderte Auflage. Augsburg: Wiβner, S. 155–175 (in German).
    1.7. Proceedings from a conference


    Author(s). (Year of publication). Title. In: Name of conference proceedings (Date of the conference).Place of publication: Publisher, Page range.


    Plotka, I., Vidnere, M., Blumenau, N., & Strode, D. (2008). The Ethnic Identity and Social Adaptationin the Different Culture Spheres for the Different Ethnical Groups. In: Proceedings of the 10th Conference of the Children’s Identity and Citizenship in Europe Thematic Network Reflecting on Identities: Research, Practice & Innovation (16.–18.03.2008). London: CiCe, p. 145–158.

    1.8. e-book


    Author(s). (Year of publication). Title. Information. Publisher, e-ISBN number, Retrieving date, http address. DOI.


    Lennon, T. M., Stainton, R. J. (Eds.). (2008). The Achilles of Rationalist Psychology. Volume 7. Springer link, e-ISBN 978-1-4020-6893-5, Retrieved: February 15, 2010, from: http://www.springerlink.com/content/978-1-4020-6892-8/#section=136323&page=4&locus =40. DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4020-6893-5

    1.9. Thesis


    Author(s). (Year of publication). Title. Information. Publisher or Place of publication, Page range (ifpublished).


    Lång, M. (2005). Psykoanalyysi ja sen soveltaminen musiikintutkimukseen [Psycho Analyses and its Applications in Music Research]. Doctoral thesis. Studia Musicologica Helsinkiensis 1, p. 3–92 (in Finnish).

    Legzdiņa, S. (2009). Izglītības iestādes vadības iespējas pedagogu darba motivācijas paaugstināšanā. Nepublicēts promocijas darbs [Management Options in Educational Institution for Increasing Pedagogues’ Work Motivation. Unpublished Doctoral thesis]. Rīga (in Latvian).

    1.10. Report (unpublished)


    Author(s). (Year of publication). Title. Place of presentation, Date of the presentation.


    Koķe, T. (2009). Par izglītības sistēmas strukturālās reformas norisi un plānotajiem pasākumiem tās tālākai īstenošanai. Ziņojums. [About the Procedure of the Structural Reforms of Education System and Activities Planned to Implement It. Report]. Powerpoint prezentācija. Rīga: Ministru kabineta ārkārtas sēde 15.09.2009 (in Latvian).

    1.11. Government publication


    Institution name. (Year of publication). Title. Place of publication: Publisher, Page range.


    Izglītības un zinātnes ministrija [Ministry of Education and Science]. (2007). Programma Mūžizglītības politikas pamatnostādņu 2007.–2013. gadam ieviešanai [Programme to implement Guidelines of Life-Long Learning Policy 2007. – 2013]. Rīga: Izglītības un zinātnes ministrija, 6–7. lpp., Retrieved 15.02.2010 from: http://izm.izm. gov.lv/upload_file/ Normativie_akti /ProgrammaLV_PKD_040311.pdf (in Latvian).

    2. Article
    2.1. Journal article (one author)


    Author. (Year of publication). Article title. Journal Title, Volume (issue), Page range


    Kirk, J. J. (1994). Putting Outplacement in its Place. Journal of Employment Counseling, No 31, p. 14–18.

    2.2. Journal article (two or more authors)


    Author1, Author2, & Author3. (Year of publication). Article title. Journal Title, volume (issue), range of pages.


    Thorson, J. A., Powell, F. C. (1993). Development and Validation of a Multidimensional Sense ofHumor Scale. Journal of Clinical Psychology, No 49, p. 13–23.

    2.3. Journal article from an online database


    Author(s). (Year of publication). Article title. Journal Title, volume (issue), Page range. Retrieved date of Access, from: name of database. DOI.


    Bulpitt, H., Martin, P. J. (2005). Learning about Reflection from the Student. Active Learning in Higher Education, Volume 6, Number 3, p. 207–217. Retrieved 15.02.2010 from: Sage Journals Online, DOI:10.1177/1469787405057751.

    2.4. Newspaper article


    Author(s). (Year, date of publication). Article title. Newspaper Title, No., page.


    Kočāne, I. (2001, 23. aprīlis). Psiholoģija vecākiem [Psychology for Parents]. Diena, No 1, 3. lpp (in Latvian).

    2.5. Newspaper article (no author)


    Article title. (Publication date). Journal Title. page.


    Multitude of Species Face Climate Threat. (2010, March 5). New York Times, p. D1.

    2.6. Entry in an encyclopaedia


    Article title. (Year of publication). In: Encyclopaedia name, Retrieved date of Access, from: URL


    Evolutionary Socialism. (2011). In: Encyclopædia Britannica. Retrieved 15.10.2010 from:



    Author. (Year of publication). Article title. In: Encyclopaedia title, Volume number, Page range. Place of publication: Encyclopaedia name or Publisher.


    Nickerson, R. S. (2000). Teaching Intelligence. In: Kazdin, A. E. (Ed.). Encyclopedia of Psychology, Volume 2, p. 498–501. New York: Oxford University Press.

    3. Other formats
    3.1. Web page


    Author. (last update or copyright date). Title. Retrieved date of access, from: URL.


    Wells, G. (2002). Learning and Teaching for Understanding: the Key Role of Collaborative Knowledge Building. Retrieved 01.11.2007 from: http://people.ucsc.edu/~gwells/

    3.2. Lecture note


    Author(s). (Date of presentation). Lecture title. Lecture notes distributed in the unit, at the name of the teaching organisation, the location.


    Liffers, M. (2006, August 30). Finding information in the library. Lecture notes distributed in the unit Functional Anatomy and Sports Performance 1102, University of Western Australia, Crawley, Western Australia.

    Scientific journal “Comparative professional pedagogy” publishes articles dedicated to theoretical and methodological bases of comparative pedagogy, modern strategies and tendencies in education development, foreign experience of managing pedagogical difficulties in development of educational systems.

    The submitted contributions should be original, i.e., they should not be previously published or submitted for publication in other editions. Two or more experts, who accept the quality of scientific terminology and the originality of the submitted contributions, examine each manuscript anonymously filling out a Critical Review. After publication the manuscript is not returned to the author.


    Manuscripts are requested to be sent in yearly no later than the 1st of March/ the 1st of June/ the 1st of October/the 1st of December via e-mail: sharan@ukr.net


    Manuscripts submitted till deadlines will be handed in to the Editorial Board for reviewing and consideration for publication in current issue of the Journal. When Members of Editorial Board are handing in the manuscript they do not make decisions concerning the publication of the particular manuscript.


    At the beginning of the manuscript the following information should be mentioned:

    • author’s academic position, scientific degree, author's name, surname (14 pt, Bold, All Caps),

    • institution that submits the manuscript, country (14 pt Normal),

    • personal address and address of the institution,

    • telephone and fax numbers,

    • e-mail address (14 pt, Normal),

    • title of the manuscript (14 pt Bold, All Caps),

    • Abstract: 1500 characters (14 pt, Italic).

    • Key words: 5–6 (14 pt, Italic).

    Body of the manuscript should include the following components:

    • Introduction,

    • Aim of the Study,

    • Theoretical Framework and Research Methods,

    • Results,

    • Conclusions (14 pt, Normal),

    • References (the list of literature) (14 pt, Normal).


    Manuscripts in English may be up to 8–12 pages including References (the list of literature) and Abstract of 1500 characters. When manuscript exceeds 12 pages Editorial Board decides on whether to ask the author to shorten it.

    The manuscript should be typewritten in A4 format, set in one column according to the following parameters: margins – 2,5 cm, text editor – Word, Times New Roman, font number 14, spaces between lines – 1,5. Each paragraph should start with a 1.5 cm indention. Pages, tables and pictures should be numbered. Tables and pictures should be in black and white (if this does not interfere with the possibility to perceive the content) with captions. Tables and pictures must be cited in the text, e.g., (see Table 1); Arabic numbering should be used. The size of tables and pictures should not exceed A4 format page.

    References should be indicated in the typescript by giving the author's name, with the year of publication in parentheses (Bamberger, 1991).

    The list of References should be listed in full at the end of the manuscript in the order of Latin alphabet, followed by literature in Cyrillic alphabet. The list of literature should precisely be organized according to the ISO 690:2010 rules.

    Address of the Editorial Board:

    Center of Comparative Professional Pedagogics,

    Khmelnytskyi National University,

    Institutska str, 11, room 4–427,

    Khmelnytskyi, 29016 Ukraine


    e-mail: sharan@ukr.net

    Адреса редакції:

    Центр порівняльної професійної педагогіки

    Хмельницький національний університет

    вул. Інститутська, 11, ауд. 4–427

    м. Хмельницький

    Україна, 29019

    Оф. сайт: http://khnu.km.ua/angl/j/

    e-mail: sharan@ukr.net

    Підп. до друку 26.09.2014. Ум. друк. арк. – 15,41. Обл.-вид. арк. – 16,33

    Папір офсетний. Друк різографією

    Наклад 100, зам. № 199/14

    Редакційно-видавничий центр Хмельницького національного університету

    29016, м. Хмельницький, вул. Інститутська, 7/1, тел. (8-0382) 72-83-63

    Свідоцтво про внесення в Державний реєстр, серія ДК № 4489 від 18.02.2013

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